About Candace

Candace Gould has been a New Mexico resident for 46 years.  She was raised by a military family who instilled the values of hard work, ethics and service to the community.

Candace has worked in small business in New Mexico for 41 years.  She owned her own business for 15 of those years. In 2006 she became a founding board member of the Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation and currently serves as its Executive Director, building the programs that create opportunities for foster children to succeed on their own and live in safe, loving families.

In Santa Fe, she will fight against taxes that harm families and businesses.

Candace is guided by conservative values and principles. She believes in smaller government and personal responsibility.

Candace Gould

Candace Gould is an active community leader, committed to making a positive difference:

  • New Mexico resident for 46 years, 16 years living on the Westside.
  • 15 years as a small business owner.
  • Founding board member and Executive Director of the Heart Gallery of New Mexico, dedicated to helping foster children.
  • Made a personal impact in improving the lives of hundreds of foster children.
Paid for by Candace Gould for State Senate. Kelly Lawrence, Treasurer.